Ex-DICE boss: Mirror’s Edge was in development for 7 years

Mirror’s Edge was in development for staggering seven years, according to ex-DICE CEO and co-founder Fredrik Liljegren.

In an interview with Gaming Union, Liljegren said: “Knowing that product was in development for about seven years…and given that it wasn’t Mirror’s Edge when we started, but it was one team working on ‘the new IP’ for seven years, I think they did a strong final.

“They did something different that people hadn’t done before. I think it needed a second generation so they can tweak on it.”

The EA-published free-running 3D platformer was well received by critics, yet failed to make a big impact at retail. As a result, talk coming out of EA and DICE turned from a Mirror’s Edge trilogy, to the rather meek “it’s a game that deserves to come back.”

Back in June it was confirmed by EA that “a small team” is currently at work on a sequel. However, just last week DICE were tight-lipped on the subject, saying only that the “haven’t officially announced that we’re working on it.”