Braid dev brands Activision “megalomaniacal”

Jonathan Blow, the creative talent behind Braid, has chipped in on the recent Activision/Infinity Ward controversy.

In a post discussing the newly announced Indie Fund – a funding stream for indie devs created by the talent behind such games as World of Goo, Flower and Critter Crunch, as well as Blow himself – the developer has accused Activision of being “megalomaniacal” and “bald-facedly” mutilating Infinity Ward.

“It seems like some kind of strange synchronicity that we’re revealing our existence just as all this trouble is happening at Infinity Ward,” said Blow. “When you’re a mainstream developer, and you’ve made one of the most successful and profitable games of all time, and then just a few months later your publisher and parent company is willing to so bald-facedly mutilate your company, well, what conclusions can be drawn from that?

“If publishers of that size are so megalomaniacal as to be incapable of seeing the importance of a developer’s talent — instead believing that the game’s success is somehow due primarily to their brilliant marketing strategy or their CEO’s charming personality — then how will this ever change?

Blow concluded by saying, “If Infinity Ward can’t be treated with respect, then who can?”

Yesterday it was reported that Infinity Ward bosses Vince Zampella and Jason West were removed from their roles following the arrival of “bouncer”-like Activision employees at the company’s headquarters. An SEC document was later revealed, citing a human resources investigation into “into breaches of contract and insubordination by two senior employees at Infinity Ward.”

Activision later released a statement confirming the departure of West and Zampella and outlining the future of the Call of Duty series, which Infinity ward and Activision share the rights to. The statement revealed that another developer, Sledgehammer, are working on an Action-Adventure strand of the Call of Duty series.