Conviction dev “hungry” for a Splinter Cell movie

Move over Jason Bourne, there’s going to be a new black-ops badass gracing the silver screen if Ubisoft has their way. The Splinter Cell: Conviction publisher and developer is “hungry” for a movie based on the exploits of the game’s protagonist, stealthy super spy Sam Fisher, according to Creative Director Maxime Beland.

“I’m very hungry for a Splinter Cell movie,” said Beland in an interview with Video Games Daily. “I think Sam Fisher is a great character, I would love to see him right next to Jason Bourne and right next to James Bond, because I think he fits there. So I would love for a Splinter Cell movie to be made.”

Ubisoft has already started testing the celluloid-tinged waters, having opened a dedicated CGI studio in Canada in addition to having produced several slick, short films in the course of pimping Assassin’s Creed II.

“Can Ubisoft make a movie? Can Ubisoft make it 3D, like a real footage and 3D movie Splinter Cell? I think so. I would almost say it’s just a matter of time before we end up doing that.”