Six Days in Fallujah “finished”, developer still optimistic about release

It’s been a while since anything’s been said on Six Days In Fallujah, and this might be the first bit of news that developer Atomic Games would classify as “positive”.

The game was announced in early April 2009, and by late April 2009, the game had lost its publisher, as Konami backed out due to public backlash. The game was never cancelled, and Atomic games remained committed to the project even in the face of massive layoffs.

It looks like their perseverance has paid off, as a unnamed source connected to the project has commented on the game’s status, saying, “I can promise you that game is still coming out and it is finished.” No word yet as to if they’ve secured a new publisher, but self publishing the title on PC through distribution networks like Steam could be a viable option for the controversial and contemporary shooter.