System exclusivity beneficial for developers, says Splinter Cell director

The benefits for system exclusivity are pretty easy to grasp when looking at it from Microsoft or Sony’s point of view. Developers can have an easier time due as well as Maxime Beland, creative director for upcoming Splinter Cell: Conviction, stated in a recent interview.

“On a development side it’s easier to only focus on one platform,” Beland told Videogamer. “It’s not like it’s impossible, right, to develop on both platforms. It’s easy. You add more programmers and that’s it. But for us it allows us to focus on the 360.”

Beland went on to address differences between consoles that make dual developing an issue, including the controllers for PS3 and 360.

“There’s one setup of controls that we need to tweak and balance. The sticks on PS3 are not the same. Often shooting you don’t put on the lower trigger on the PS3 – you put it above because the triggers on the 360 are concave, so your finger rests well on them, versus on PS3, the triggers are convex, so you slip… The controls are always a big challenge. That’s one less headache.”

Beland also mentioned other complications of developing for two systems at once, including how the game needs to react if a controller is unplugged or disruptions during saving, known as Technical Certification Requirements. Working with just one online system is another plus.

“So, by only shipping on one platform, we only have the Microsoft requirements to support.”