Bleszinski attempts to take a Lancer to Gears of War 3 rumours

Damn Cliff Belezinski and his internet rumour-scuppering ways! This last week or so, we’ve been working ourselves up into a pre-announcement fizz about the possibility of Gears of War 3 being shown at either E3 or GDC. But think again, says the Epic Games design director.

On Sunday, the artist formerly known as CliffyB tweeted, “In games we do things in threes. I don’t know why, honestly, we just do.” This lead to fevered speculation that everyone’s favourite meaty-necked shooter was to make a return at one of the upcoming games shows.

However, on Tuesday Belezinski responded to the rumours with another tweet. Unfortunately, this one looked to squash the speculation. “I was talking about game design and how bosses and challenges often have 3 waves,” said Blezinski. “Stop putting words in my mouth, internet, I prefer cake.” Oh… ok, then.

But! Being the excitable types that we are, we’re going to call him out on this one. He may not have been talking about GoW3, but that doesn’t mean the rumours aren’t true. He didn’t deny it, after all.

What’s more, Blezinski’s colleague Mike Capps recently confirmed that a big game announcement is on its way. “I think E3 is going to be really exciting for fans of Epic,” said the compay’s president earlier this week. So if you don’t mind, we’re going to hold on to our hopes. Don’t squash our dreams Cliff, it’s all we’ve got.