Insomniac working on “more than one” title

Ratchet & Clank and Resistance developer Insomniac Games is currently keeping busy with “more than one” project, senior community manager James Stevenson has confirmed.

“[Work is] currently underway on more than one game right now (which will be no surprise to anyone who knows how our production pipeline works),” he wrote in a ‘what’s going on at Insomniac?’ post on the company’s official blog. “We’ve been trying to evolve our production pipeline to give us more time for iteration, as well as better efficiencies along the way.”

One of those title is widely believed to be Resistance 3. As for the other(s); as Stevenson said last year, it may be time for a new intellectual property.

“…if you think that Resistance is going to be the last new IP from Insomniac obviously that would be a silly thought. At some point in the future there will be new IPs, but when, where, why, how, you know, who knows?”