SOCOM 4 announced, coming later this year

The “surprise Sony sequel” teased yesterday is none other than SOCOM 4, PlayStation’s official blog has revealed. The title, helmed once more by the series’ original developer Zipper Interactive, can be expected to arrive this fall.

Jeremy Dunham, the developer’s senior community manager, makes the introductions: “… what you really want to know are the details: Who’s in your squad? Where have they been deployed? What kind of threat are they up against? Though we’ll be revealing the answers to all these questions and plenty more throughout 2010, we don’t want to leave you completely in the dark, so what we will tell you is that a militant revolutionary has unexpectedly seized control in an important South Asian country. As the Ops Com, your mission is to command an elite five-man squad charged with stopping his aggressive agenda before it’s too late. In only six days, you must lead your team through a hostile jungle and urban environments against an army of well-armed rebel insurgents that completely outnumber you.”

He adds: “If that setup doesn’t whet your appetite enough, you should also be pleased to know that in addition to the SOCOM’s single-player operation, players will also be able to enjoy a 32-person multiplayer mode that boasts more Special Forces units than ever before!”

Those wondering if the recently released MAG could somehow be affected by Zipper’s sudden responsibilities to keeping two multiplayer shooter current — Dunham assures that dedicated teams are in place for both games and that they’re “fully committed to supporting MAG for a long, long time”.