Suda 51 “very interested” in motion games outside of Wii

PS3 and 360 owners jealous of the Wii getting Suda 51’s attention with the No More Heroes series may have their own titles to look forward to in the future. Goichi Suda (or Suda 51), head of Grasshopper Manufacture, stated in a recent interview that he would like to make games incorporating Microsoft’s Natal and Sony’s motion controller.

For those expecting this to mean motion enabled ports of the existing No More Heroes franchise, Suda stated this was not the case and that he “will make some original IP to fit that control system.” Suda said that there was significant time spent with Wii to implement the motion controls and that he would want to give the same treatment to the other motion devices on the market in order to develop a quality product.

Whatever new series Suda decides to create you can expect…well you can’t really expect anything. Given the titles put out in the past such as the demented Killer7, murder mystery title Flower, Sun, and Rain and the aforementioned No More Heroes, anything that Suda creates using these new devices is bound to be original.