Dead Space 2 wants to terrorize with real world influences

The first Dead Space wore its cinematic influences on its sleeve to create its terrifying sci-fi setting, but Visceral Games is looking at the real world to raise the terror to a different level for Dead Space 2. Speaking with NowGamer, Dead Space 2‘s art director Ian Milham discusses the scary potential the real world offers.

“Although we look at successful films to see what they’ve done, we really try to study the real world,” Milham said. “For a horror story to work, the player really has to believe the world, so he or she can believe what happens there and not think it’s a fantasy. So we study what makes a world real believable and have a solid grounding. What makes an airport feel like an airport and not some other setting? What makes a room feel like a real room and not a bunch of polygons? Those are the questions we’re asking ourselves all the time. We find that settings that are trying too hard to be scary frequently feel amateurish and heavy handed.  Real terror comes in the perversion of everyday spaces.”

It looks like Dead Space 2 is hoping to terrorize gamers by putting Necromorphs in everyday settings like airports. But I think they can take it to a whole other level. There’s nothing more terrifying than fighting off Necromorphs in an airport…only to discover your flight’s been canceled. Oh, the humanity!