Joe Danger jumps shark onto PlayStation Network first

It seems like an age since we first got our hands on infectiously joyful Joe Danger. When we previewed it in November it was already enough to put a big, stupid grin on our faces. Indeed, all it really lacked was a platform. Well, now it’s got one: PlayStation 3.

“We’ve been having the most insanely awesome 2010 so far,” said Hello Games’ Sean Murray on the PlayStation Blog. “We’ve been nominated for two Independent Games Festival awards, a Direct2Drive Vision award and now we get to announce that we’re coming to PlayStation 3. It feels good to finally tell someone. Whoop, whoop!”

Whoop, whoop indeed, and news that should please anyone with a penchant for daredevils, Excitebike, cartoon cacti, outrageous stunts, Green Hill Zone skies and shark-infested tanks… which is all of us really, isn’t it?

But wait! Those of us without PS3’s shouldn’t despair; Murray told Eurogamer that an Xbox 360 and PC version of the game is likely to follow. Phew!