Molyneux: Natal’s seen “countless revisions” in recent weeks

The increased talk of Project Natal‘s input delay issues are “frustrating” Peter Molyneux; in an interview with, the Lionhead and MGS Europe boss explains that the worries are unwarranted and that, since Microsoft’s X10 event less than a month ago, Natal has seen “countless” revisions of both cameras and software.

“It’s always a huge frustration as a designer when you see somebody play a version when you know it’s been exceeded many times over. It so often happens, because you do a version for a show and then you don’t do another version because you’re too busy developing the game,” he explains.

“So very often you get a position that what a person’s looking at is two, three, four months, a year old and you kind of want to go, ‘no, no, it’s 10 times better than that!’ So it is very, very frustrating; it always is – there’s just countless revisions of cameras since the one at X10 and countless revisions of software.”

Natal’s latest iteration, according to a Microsoft source also referenced in the piece, is in fact ten times more responsive than the one BBC presenter Jonathan Ross — who called it “impressive” but “not quite there yet” — got to sample last month.