The Red Star makes its triumphant return this spring on PSP and iPhone

You might not realize that this is great news, but believe me, this is great news. One of the most underappreciated games from the last generation was The Red Star. The game is based off of a comic book and had the unfortunate distinction of being published by Acclaim, who happened to go under when development was nearly complete. After years of being in limbo, the game was finally released by XS Games in May of 2007, and the fourteen people who played it wanted to climb the nearestĀ mountainĀ and sing to the heavens praising the game for being one of the best traditional beat ’em ups since Streets of Rage 2.

Those who missed it the first time around are getting another chance, as XS has announced that the game will be re-released as downloadable titles on the PSP and iPhone sometime this spring. If you’ve never played The Red Star, do yourself a favor and give this part brawler, part shmup the chance it deserves. It reeks of awesomeness.