Bizarre regard social networks as a ‘view to the future of marketing’

It’s hard not to notice that social networks are becoming a powerful way to get something known; the breadth of their userbase can impressively expand upon the sought after ‘word of mouth’ notion in ways probably featured in some science-fiction short story from the seventies. Bizarre Creations’ Ben Ward is more than aware of this, proclaiming that “social networks are a view to the future of marketing.”

“There’s only so much that a marketing message can say to people, and it’s not trusted information – it’s a stranger’s recommendations,” explains Ward, “whereas recommendations from one of your friends is infinitely more valuable.” With that in mind, Bizarre have been looking towards social network sites to help get the word out about their upcoming arcade-y racer Blur.

In addition to this, Blur is also set to expand upon Uncharted 2‘s unimplemented Twitter functionality — allowing players to create messages from within the game itself that will subsequently appear on their Twitter feed. Ward goes on to mention that they’re currently “building a web API into Blur, so there’ll be an XML feed that web developers can use however they like.” How very modern.