God of War III was not cheap, engine to be used again

Making a near-perfect game (according to the general consensus) is not a cheap undertaking — God of War III‘s three year development caused Sony to pour $44 million into its Santa Monica studio, according to director of product development John Hight.

“We spent 44 million dollars to make God of War III,” Hight said at a recent promo event for the game. “And believe it or not that’s right within budget.”

The team size grew from roughly 60 people on God of War II to 132 in God of War III, he said, most of whom were on the graphics and art teams; And we best count on their efforts being made use of again.

“It’s our goal of course to take this investment and technology and show it off for the next game.” Whether or not it’ll be a game in the God of War universe however remains a topic for the future, “We’re also capable of doing other IP. And that may be something we may be exercising in the next couple of months … as far as exploring different things.”

“But we’re gonna try and get another game out on the PS3 for sure.”