Portal 2 gets more details, a Mac release

Some more details from the newly-announced Portal 2 have surfaced; According to information from the latest GameInformer, where the game was revealed, the first Portal was considered a trial, a test bed, while Portal 2 is a full-blown, two-years-in-the-making title with a dedicated staff more than three times bigger than that of its predecessor.

The events in the sequel are said to take place hundreds of years after the original with antagonist GlaDOS as well as player-controlled Chell making a return.

A co-op mode will be present this time around, with two bipedal robots — one male, other female-looking — starring.

The portal weapon itself remains unchanged. However, physics will now be a part of the puzzles. An example given was a suction vent that, thanks to the addition of portals, can be made to quite literally suck objects, like turrets, from places other than the vent’s opening. Also new in the sequel is the concept of ‘paint’; a substance that for example allows players to vault over obstacles or give objects a trampoline-like surface.

Other additions include Redirection Cubes (redirect lasers to their intended target), Aerial Faith Plates (vault over huge gaps or place portals in otherwise inaccessible areas) and Weighted Storage Balls (a relative of the Weighted Storage Cube, if you will).

“It’s worth clarifying our approach to Portal. It’s less about putting a portal on the wall and walking through it and more about making people think differently while they are playing the game,” Valve’s senior project manager Erik Johnson explained. “And making people feel smart while they are playing the game. And really surprising people with this kind of a video game. We’re not aiming to make this an action or twitch game — that seems way off track. There are many more elements that we are adding to Portal 2 — it’s a bigger game and stands on its own — but it isn’t about making a really hard game. It’s more interesting to simply reward your thinking.”

According to Valve, the sequel will be “significantly longer” than the original. A Mac release has also been confirmed.