Futuremark says DRM should be “hassle-free”

With all the hoopla over Ubisoft’s digital rights management debacle and the attacks on their authentication servers, people in the industry have begun weighing in on the topic at hand. Unsurprisingly, PC industry veteran Futuremark has a very different idea of how DRM should work.

“The question I ask myself with all DRM approaches is will it be more or less convenient for me, as a paying customer? If it stays out of my face, I’m cool with it. But if it gets in the way of being entertained, inconveniences me or seems unnecessarily restrictive then … well, it’s not like there is a shortage of other games demanding my attention,” explains Futuremark producer Jaakko Haapasalo.

While we understand that developers and publishers alike have a right and necessary desire to protect their products, never should it stand in the way of the legitimate consumers.

Futuremark CEO Jukka Mäkinen chimes in, expanding on Haapasalo’s comments, “Exactly. Whatever the DRM used, games need to be hassle free for those who have bought their copy the proper way. Taking good care of the customer is always better than chasing the thieves.”

This couldn’t be stressed more. DRM policies like Ubisoft’s tough love scheme only punish the actual consumer in the end. It’s hard not to wonder why companies haven’t wised up to this type of philosophy and embraced more consumer friendly methods by now. Hopefully an enlightenment will happen sooner rather than later and we can leave these nasty anti-consumer methods behind.