Ghost Recon: Future Soldier gets first details

The first few details from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier have arrived via OPM’s cover story; The game takes place slightly in the future (10-15 years after GRAW2) and has the Ghosts causing trouble for yet another group of ultranationalists who thought it was a good idea to depose the Russian president.

Like seen in the teaser trailer (above), stealth cloaks will be present, as well as exo-skeleton legs which allow players to roll, jump (a first for the series) and “generally throw themselves around the battlefield”. Armored ground drones and extensive close quarters combat is also promised.

Four-player drop-in, drop-out cooperative play and character classes are said to play a big role as well, with each class having their unique gadgets and weaponry to make use of; optical camo for Recon, heart sensors for Snipers, shoulder mounted missiles for Commandos. And, in another first for the series, Future Soldier has said ‘no’ to any kind of squad commands.

The mag, and with it more details and first in-game screens, should arrive to subscribers shortly.