Left 4 Dead 2 comic on XBL connects survivors

Our Xbox Live dashboard is going to be a little more zombified later this month, according to the latest issue of OXM. With the release of The Passing, Valve’s first DLC offering for Left 4 Dead 2, slated for late March, the company is also planning on distributing a digital comic via Xbox Live around the same time.

The yet unnamed digital publication will create the link between the original Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, and the aforementioned DLC that occurs between the Dead Center and Dark Carnival episodes of the zombie apocalypse sequel. We cannot wait to see how Valve manages to bring the original survivors from their urban environment to the southern hospitality of the bayou.

Now that we think about it, how are they going to explain the original casts’ disappearance after only one chapter? Could there be a Donner party re-enactment in our gaming future?