Two-Face causes twice the trouble for Arkham 2, but Robin’s here to help

If IMDB is to be believed, two main characters have been revealed for the yet to be officially titled Batman: Arkham Asylum 2. First up is Two-Face, a villain we were all hoping would make it into the sequel being played by Bruce Greenwood. Interestingly, Greenwood is set to play Batman himself in the upcoming animated movie Under The Red Hood.

What’s more surprising is that the site also lists Robin, Batman’s controversial┬ásidekick, being played by Vincent Martella, who is also set to play the Boy Wonder in Under The Red Hood. This is Jason Todd, the 2nd Robin who Batfans will recall bit the dust some years ago, and was then brought back to life as the Red Hood.

So far Warner Bros. have denied the rumors, commenting, “To our knowledge, what you asked about is inaccurate information. We are not yet discussing details for the sequel.” But the appearance of Robin is sure to spark up some talk among fans. Does he fit into the darker world of Arkham? How will this affect gameplay? Let’s hope we find out sooner than later.