Vanquish’s acrobatics make it a “brand new kind of shooter”

True story: the other day I brushed over a Vanquish story because the picture to go along with it made me think it was for Halo: Reach. It’s true that what we’ve seen of the new Platinum Games title has looked near identical to a lot of other shooters out there at the moment, but the man behind the title, the legendary Shinji Mikami has stepped out to assure us that it is in fact different. Phew!

“I wanted to make a shooter where the player is active – taking people on. I didn’t want the game to be like other third-person action titles, where people are just trying to survive, taking pot-shots at enemies from behind cover. So it is this aggression and active spirit that I wanted to capture with Vanquish.”

Sounds like we should expect a fresh twist on the Gears of War formula then. Vanquish’s hero has dressed himself in a rather spiffy rocket powered suit which is sure to help when it comes to racing around maps. What that hero is called, or pretty much anything else about the game is yet to be revealed.