Activision doesn’t ‘just churn sh*t out,’ says Blur dev

A whole bunch has been going on with Activision as of late, what with the sackings of Infinity Ward’s head honchos and the subsequent flurry of finger pointing and name calling. One thing that may have slipped the general public’s mind in this whole debacle is that Activision is in the business of selling games but, according to one developer, does not just slide anything onto store shelves.

“You hear a lot of horror stories about Activision being this publisher that just churns shit out, but they certainly weren’t like that for us,” said Gareth Wilson, Bizarre Creations co-lead designer on Blur. “They were great. Really, really good.”

Wilson says that they were having to make a lot of compromises on the look and feel of Blur in order to make their given release date. The developer wanted to “expand on the mods, improve the visuals, get the splitscreen stuff looking really good, make the power-ups ace… and we just weren’t there. We went to Activision and said: ‘We don’t think the game’s up to our quality level.’ It was totally shippable – it was OK – but we would’ve like to have had more time. They went, ‘OK’… which was great.”