Black 2 lacked direction, “kind of bit the dust”

Currently busy with developing Bodycount, a new property for Codemasters, Black creator Stuart Black did at one time work on a sequel to the cult PS2/Xbox shooter while still at Criterion, he revealed in a recent Q&A.

Shortly after completing the first game, “some preliminary preproduction work” was done on Black 2, with members of his current team at Codemasters also involved in “a lot of preproduction for about a year or so” before it all “kind of bit the dust”.

“I don’t really have personal knowledge about how that all played out. But there seemed to be overall a kind of general lack of direction,” Black said. “I’d be surprised if they managed that again.”

Bodycount however, dated yesterday for Q1 2011, may just scratch Black fans’ destructibility itch; “…everything in Bodycount is absolutely centred on the bullet and its impact on the world,” Black said in yesterday’s announcement.