Heavy Rain “fuels hope” for creativity in games, say Quantic Dream

Quantic Dream co-founder Guillaume de Foundaumiere believes that the success of Heavy Rain proves that “there is space for innovation” in the industry.

Speaking in an interview with GamesIndustry, Foundaumiere said, “I think that Heavy Rain‘s success is also a very important sign to the industry. There is space for innovation, and we are – to a certain degree – a relatively conservative industry, an industry where it’s sometimes difficult to push the boundaries.

“So whenever there’s a success such as Heavy Rain, it fuels a lot of hope for all the people out there who try to do things differently, and try to expand the market.”

Foundaumiere continued, “The mood of the team is pretty high – we’ve been working for three and a half years to deliver on a very strong promise.”

“As I always say, reviews are important, sales are even more important, but the most important thing for David [Cage] and I was to deliver on the promise.”

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