OnLive details summer launch plans

OnLive has detailed the launch plans for its subscription-based games streaming service, MCV writes.

Backed by a lineup of titles from the likes of EA, Ubisoft, Take-Two, THQ and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, OnLive will launch in the US on June 17th with a monthly fee of $14.95; a price point that, according to COO Mike McGarvey, “provides access to an ever-increasing library of high-end, new release game content and a host of exclusive community feature such as Brag Clips and massive spectating”.

“Individual titles will be available for purchase or rental on an a la carte basis. Specific game pricing, including rentals,purchases and loyalty programs, will be announced prior to the consumer launch event at E3. We’ll also be announcing additional loyalty and discount programs for consumers in the coming months.”

European launch plans remain unclear for now. “We are very focused on launching the service in the US at the moment,” McGarvey only says.