Updated / Sony’s motion controller is the PlayStation Move, arms SOCOM and LBP with new moves

Update: Added a trailer below.

Original story: Get out of here Arc, you’re not wanted anymore; the Playstation Move is the official name for Sony’s magical motion wand. The company just devoted their entire GDC press conference to showing off the new gizmo with a stack of games to boot. Not only that, but a price point below $100 was confirmed, and we got our first glimpse of a “subcontroller” that basically serves the same functionality as a Wii nunchuk.

Throughout the demonstration we saw a sports title, a Warioware-style party game, and most interestingly, additions to first party Sony titles; both LittleBigPlanet and the recently announced SOCOM 4 will have motion functionality. LBP had one player controlling Sackboy while the other, armed with a PS Move, pulled the environment about to create a path. SOCOM 4 worked pretty much how you’d expected it to, with the nunchuk in action to control the character while aiming is handled with the motion controller.

We’re set to see a whole lot more at E3, with Move… moving towards a fall release date. There’s a whopping 20 first-party games ready to support the controller this fiscal year, and with 36 third-party publishers on board to develop, there’s sure to be a whole lot more down the line. Any guesses for what else is in store? Could that Killzone 3 rumor really be true?