Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition launch trailer brings the hermie bird people love

The fact that your computer is still chugging along on Windows 98 need no longer prevent you from enjoying one of the strangest and most visually striking first-person brawlers to ever grace the medium, ACE Team’s Zeno Clash.

The Chilean-developed, IGF-nominated melee fantasy fighter, released exclusively on Steam last year, is making the jump to Xbox Live Arcade courtesy of indie-friendly publisher Atlus. In addition to still allowing you to beat half-bird men senseless in a bizarre but beautiful fantasy world, Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition also features a new cooperative gameplay mode as well as a host of new enemies, attacks and weapons. Is that a hammer made out of a giant bleached cow skull I see being wielded with destructive, delightful precision? You bet your hairy caveman’s ass!

Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition will be available on Xbox Live Arcade by March 31.