Molyneux: Fable III needs to sell 5 million, Natal “wonderfully adaptive”

Peter Molyneux has set a sales goal for the studio’s upcoming Fable III; five million copies.

The target was set not for financial reasons, the Lionhead boss explained during a talk given at GDC today, but rather to see how much the numerous changes implemented in the third game — Fable III is moving away from being a more traditional RPG and is turning into a more of an action adventure title — will affect its popularity among consumers.

Most of Fable II players did not grasp even half of the game’s features, the talk revealed; reason enough for Lionhead to simplify and offer a more streamlined experience.

The Fable mastermind also chatted about Project Natal’s implementation, saying the controller-less motion controller is “wonderfully adaptive to this experience,” but uncharacteristically shied away from explaining the mysterious quote. “… it’s been a real joy to put some Natal stuff in there,” he only added.