New Donkey Kong king emerges

Billy Mitchell’s reign over classic arcade game Donkey Kong is over…for now. Hank Chien of Queens, NY achieved a score of 1,061,700 to best Mitchell’s score by over 10,000 points. The plastic surgeon performed the feat on Feb 26th and was verified by videogame scoring officials Twin Galaxies on March 5th.

Chien started playing Donkey Kong after watching the documentary “The King of Kong” in which Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe fight for the top rank in the barrel bombarding coin-op. Chien’s winning game lasted 2 hours 35 minutes on his own Donkey Kong arcade cabinet which passed the strict requirements of Twin Galaxies’ regulations that include an extensive checklist.

Donkey Kong requires reflexes, it requires strategy, it requires foresight planning and timing, it requires everything, which is the beauty of the game,” Chien said.

Chien states that he has another game in his sights but that it is “a very small title” he played during breaks away from Donkey Kong. He also states he will try and improve upon his Donkey Kong record and that he is still improving. Perhaps another documentary named “There Will Be Barrels” is in the works?