Games’ success influencing movie industry, says MW2 director

It seems the film industry is finally warming to the idea of videogames as legitimate (read: not Uwe Boll directed) source material for Hollywood blockbusters, according to Modern Warfare 2 director Keith Aram.

“It’s amazing to see the difference between what it was a few years ago and what it is now,” said Arem of Hollywood’s attitudinal about-face towards videogames, as narrative begins to draw even with action in the ever maturing medium. “Games were always the bastard step-child to the film industry and what’s interesting was games were always considered a secondary property. There’s been a complete 180 in the past several years with games like Modern Warfare and Grand Theft Auto, and these have shown that these can change perceptions.”

“The success of the games industry is going to benefit those other movie industries. It’s providing more work, it’s providing more content,” Arem continued. “Finding new content in the games industry is going to absolutely expand into the movie industry and vice-versa. By expanding these franchises out the film industry is going to re-seed stuff into games. As much as people are threatened by the fear of the unknown, it’s going to be a huge benefit to both industries as they grow hand-in-hand.”

“I’m really excited about bringing all these industries – games, movies, graphic novels – together and changing the way people perceive a franchise so it’s not just a film or just a videogame, but a better integration of story and content.”