God of War III only about half of what PS3 can do visually

Kratos may be butt-ugly, but God of War III is pretty. Really pretty. However, according to the game’s director Stig Asmussen it only represents about half of the PS3’s capabilities,.

Responding to a question as to whether the GoW3 engine will be used again, Asmussen told Destructoid, “Well, I think our studio will use this engine again and it’ll get better. And I think we’re probably about 50 or 60 per cent at it right now. I think there’s a lot more we can do with it.”

Asmussen also revealed that visual improvements had already been made to GoW3, but were implemented too late. “I think individually our animations are incredible and our animators are incredibly talented,” he said. “But I think we could make our system technically better, in the way we blend animations. And I’m pretty sure that we already have the code to do that, and we just didn’t implement it in God of War III because it came in real late.”

Other improvements include better lighting and a more seamless transition from cut-scenes to gameplay, said Asmussen.

As I write this, Jamie is waist-deep in the blood of his vanquished foes. For you guys. Look out for his review soon.

God of War III hits the US on Mar. 16, Australia on Mar. 18 and Europe on Mar. 19.