Red Faction 3 ‘goes back to the old games’, out in March 2011

THQ’s delightfully gratifying Red Faction series looks ready to make its return once again come 2011, this time taking a few cues from the original games as well as last year’s Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Speaking with Joystiq, Danny Bilson, THQ’s executive VP of Core Games, alludes that the tentatively titled Red Faction 3 would be more akin to a narrative shooter, but would still maintain the third-person viewpoint and open-world environments associated with Guerrilla. Bilson indicates that “the new game takes [Red Faction] to a whole new place, it kind of goes back to the old Red Faction because about 80% of it is underground.”

Allegedly, the return to an underground setting won’t hamper the extent of Red Faction 3‘s destructibility – as the close-knit subterranean structures will apparently be more susceptible to the domino-like demolition seen in Guerrilla.