EA changes in-game ad serving strategy

No longer will Electronic Arts outsource the in-game advertising in its games. To date, said advertising has been handled by outside firms including Massive Incorporated and IGA Worldwide. At a press event earlier this week, however, the gaming mega-publisher announced that all in-game advertising would be handled by EA itself.

Senior vice president of global media sales Elizabeth Harz stated that EA’s games are “the best in the world, reaching the most engaged, forward-leaning user base.” She further stated that while outside firms are able to deliver effective advertising, they are more concerned with reaching certain markets than they are with strengthening the EA brand name.

Moreover, EA intends to extend its release to the ever popular, ever growing realm of social gaming. Michael Marchetti, EA’s vice president for Pogo and social games, expressed great enthusiasm for the gaming and in-game advertising opportunities presented by Apple’s forthcoming iPad tablet computer. Marchetti predicts that revenue from social gaming will grow over 59% by 2012 and that large portions of that revenue growth will in fact come from advertising.