MGS: Rising to attract new players, Kojima says

The Metal Gear Solid series has long been a staple of “hardcore” gaming. “Casual” players simply don’t have the stamina to sit through half-hour cut scenes, yet MGS has found success through the years thanks to a very devoted fan base that loves creator Hideo Kojima’s style. That’s why it’s surprising to hear Kojima say that the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Rising will bring in a whole new group of fans.

“The next MGS… ‘RISING.’ this game will create new users, be developed by the new generation, a new MGS,” tweeted Kojima on Friday. According to the legendary developer, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, due out in May, is the true “5th” game in the series. Since Kojima has a different team working on each game, we’re guessing that Rising will be the innovator while Peace Walker will be the more traditional MGS adventure. However, this doesn’t completely add up because Peace Walker is being released on PSP, while the first four “true” MGS titles were all on home consoles. The game that is hitting consoles is Rising, which will supposedly introduce a new audience to the series.

Does that make sense? My head hurts. If you want to be even more confused, keep in mind that Kojima’s tweet calls Peace Walker “classical MGS” but also “experimental for future endeavors” in two straight sentences. Isn’t Rising supposed to be the experimental one? Arrrrgh.