OnLive announces subscription-free service

While OnLive plans to launch solely with a subscription-based service, a subscription-free service called “OnLive Game Portal” is scheduled to follow the initial release. The service is, to simply put it, for people who just want to play the games available on the service.

“The OnLive Game Portal is for gamers looking for direct access to OnLive games without being required to subscribe to the features of the full OnLive Game Service. Through the OnLive Game Portal, gamers will be able to play select games directly on a rental basis as well as game demos for free; subject to available OnLive service capacity and whatever usage limits are associated with each given demo. Rentals will be priced on a per-game basis,” wrote Steve Perlman, founder of OnLive.

OnLive is scheduled for release in the US on June 17. European details will follow at a later date.