Square Enix is looking for “the highest level of talent” to create their next generation engine

Final Fantasy XIII is quickly becoming one of the more divisive games in recent memory, but no matter if you love it or hate it, everyone who has played it can agree on one thing: It’s really, really pretty thanks to Square’s proprietary Crystal Tools engine. This engine cost Square a lot of time and a lot of money, and the Japanese publisher is looking to get a head start on their next one.

A recent job listing is asking for top tier talent to help Square Enix with a “new generation game engine development project.” If you live in Tokyo and you happen to be a game engine system programmer, 3D graphics core programmer, online system programmer, Windows application programmer, rendering programmer, server/DB programmer, plug-in programmer, technical artist, or a technical writer, Square might want have a little chit chat with you.

This might sound a little excessive since they just finished an engine that produced one of the best looking games ever made, but most of Final Fantasy XIII’s delays were apparently engine related, so having a game engine that is actually completed and ready to go from the start of the next generation will probably alleviate some of the problems that plagued the development of FFXIII.