Conviction’s DLC to be decided on post-launch

Splinter Cell: Conviction may get downloadable content down the line, but it’s something the developers at Ubisoft Montreal aren’t even thinking about yet. The focus for now, according to Maxime Beland, is getting the oft-delayed beast into the consumers’ hands.

“Right now we’re focusing solely on delivering the best game possible,” the creative director told Eurogamer, only adding, “Once the game has shipped, we will shift our focus towards DLC content.”

He also weighted in on Ubisoft’s recently publicized focus on releasing AAA titles, Splinter Cell among them, more frequently. “I think it’s a great thing, for you and for us,” he said, “as long as we keep focusing on making great experiences with high quality production values.”

Conviction, with its 30-35 hours worth of gameplay, is out next month; April 13 in the US, April 15 in Europe and Australia, and April 16 in the UK.