Final Fantasy XIII jumps to the top of UK chart, steps over Bad Company 2

Releasing on Tuesday instead of Friday like all the ‘normal’ games, Final Fantasy XIII has climbed to the top of UK charts with ease this week, placing last week’s winner, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in second. This shouldn’t really surprise anyone; everyone I know and their mothers is currently playing the anticipated JRPG. What is interesting is that 54% of these sales are on PS3, obviously leaving the other 46% to 360.

The real surprise of the week is Heavy Rain, which is still keeping strong on the fourth spot. As Madison would say, “You go girl!”, but as I would say, do people really like it that much?

Modern Warfare 2 also keeps charging, reaching yet another milestone this week as it overtakes Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the UK’s second biggest selling game of all time, just shy of Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training on DS.

Finally, the saddest and yet least surprising news of the week is Yakuza 3‘s lackluster debut at 24. If you’re reading this, and you’re in the UK… please go and buy it, I promise you it’s good.