Valve homing in on PS3 development

When we asked ourselves – and you – if we were ever going to see an end to this story, we didn’t think the answer would come this quickly. Valve on PS3? Yes, it’s looking more and more likely. First of all, they’re natively making their library of games and their digital distribution service Steam available for Mac. Already, there is a hint of expansion. And quote after quote after quote, it would seem that the developing powerhouse has gone from a no-no on PS3, to wanting to develop for Sony’s machine, but lacks the adequate talent and know-how to do so. Something that changed just recently.

Valve has just acquired the services of Vitaliy Genkin, Alex Vlachos, and Elan Ruskin, names that may sound familiar to those who have the original Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Dexter and the more recent Uncharted among their favorite games. And PS3 experts, we might add.

So, rather than ask if Valve will get into PS3 gaming, the question should be when and what game will be their first? A surprise-announcement of their “best game ever” Portal 2, maybe?