Crackdown 2 dated, gets video documentary

The sequel to Realtime Worlds’ excellent open-world action game, Crackdown, has been confirmed for a July release by Microsoft.

While Crackdown 2 is being developed by Ruffian Games, fans of the original should rest easy knowing that a lot of the team behind the first game are working on this one too. That means leaping across the city and kicking criminals in the face will still be fun, and this time the game supports four player co-op, rather than the original game’s two.

To celebrate the four months we still have to wait until the release of the game, or “the road to launch” as Microsoft calls it, Ruffian kindly released the first video documentary, in a series of three, titled “Fun With Friends”, which takes a look at the multiplayer modes Crackdown 2 has to offer.

Crackdown 2 will release exclusively on Xbox 360 on July 6 in North America, July 8 in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and July 9 in Europe.