“Extremely anticipated title” coming from Level 5

Akihiro Hino, CEO of developer Level 5, has posted on Twitter that a new title from his crew would be revealed in April and that “once this is announced it will become an extremely anticipated title.” Hino stated that a different team would be working on this title so that their other games, including the next Professor Layton, would not be affected.

Level 5 is responsible for a variety of different RPGs, such as the Dark Cloud series and White Knight Chronicles, as well as the aforementioned Professor Layton series which is planning for a 5th installment in Japan (can we have the 3rd one overseas please?). With a varied roster containing several games that have never made it stateside, the possibilities for this are pretty open. With all the attention the developer has given the DS lately, though, that’s the system I’d bet my Picarats on to house the game.