60 frames per second not important to Codemasters

“If you can’t run at 60 [frames per second], you’re not a good racing game.” Dan Greenawalt said that at last year’s E3. It was a typically cocksure statement from the Forza franchise director, clearly pleased that Forza 3 did just that – it purred along at an ultra-smooth 60 frames per second.

So is Codemasters’ thinking along the same lines for the forthcoming F1 2010? In a word, no.

Speaking to TVGB at the world-exclusive reveal of F1 2010 in London today, Codemasters’ Communications Manager Andy Gray said that 30 frames per second is more than enough.

“Were at 30. And we’re at 30 for very, very good reasons,” said Gray. “The amount of stuff we’re pushing out, I think you’ve only got to look at the visuals in Dirt 2 and Grid to realise that, actually, 30’s pretty damn good.”

“The kind of visual quality we can get with 30 is just fantastic, which is why we’re working with that. And our engine is optimised for that. I think, personally, it looks great.”

After a few laps with an ultra-early alpha build of the game today, we wouldn’t disagree. Look out for our impressions on TVGB soon.