Codemasters reveal F1 2010’s glamorous career mode

Licensed racer F1 2010 is looking to pump a little glamour into the world of racing games.

Speaking to TVGB at the official F1 2010 reveal in London today, Codemasters’ Communications Manager Andy Gray shared some details on the game’s career mode, and enlightened us on the title’s sexy new direction.

While F1 2010 will feature all the in-car action you would expect, it will also enable you to “Live the Life” of an F1 driver. Now we’re pretty sure you can’t fit a Pussycat Doll into a standard-sized game case, so what exactly does that mean? Gray elaborated for us.

“‘Live the Life’ is everything that happens outside of the car,” he said. “It’s the bits outside the track; the glamour, the girls, the press – all that kind of things that have never really come across in a game before. That’s the aspect we’re trying to really integrate into F1 2010.”

Starting out at a lower or middle ranking team, the career mode will enable you to rise through the sport and enjoy/endure all of the pleasures and pressures that entails. Win a few races and suddenly you’ll be popular, with the media clamoring for your attention. Start struggling, however, and prepare for some awkward questions.

“So that moment where you get out of the car, and you’ve not qualified very well; all of a sudden you have a microphone thrust in your face and you’ll be asked why you didn’t do very well,” said Gray. “The press play a huge part. But you’ve also got your agent and your race engineers – actual characters you speak to in the game, and you have a proper rapport with. That’s what we’re looking to bring to F1 2010.”

Sounds intriguing. We’re still holding out for a Pussycat Doll though. Maybe in the Collector’s Edition.

F1 2010 is scheduled for a September release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Look out for our hands-on soon.