DICE to support BFBC2 “for a long time,” may release story-based content

The ending of Battlefield: Bad Company 2‘s single-player campaign left the doors wide open for a Bad Company 3. But instead of putting out another boxed product, could DICE alternatively continue the story through downloadable content? It’s a possibility, the developer says.

“We haven’t planned any DLC that comes with the actual story itself, but we won’t rule it out,” executive producer Karl-Magnus Troedsson told IGN.

“The good thing about having a post-launch campaign that we have — that we plan to take care of the product for a long time — is that we can be reactive to what people think,” he said. “But obviously, creating single-player missions is a much bigger thing than creating additional multiplayer maps.”

The DLC that has been announced — the free multiplayer additions revealed a day after Infinity Ward’s announcement of similar nature — is coming out later this month. It’s released on the same day as Modern Warfare 2‘s add-on content. What does Troedsson say of this freak occurrence? “It’s a complete coincidence!” he declared, laughingly.