Fils-Aime: Why would Wii owners buy Move?

The Wii-owning consumer will not be picking up Sony’s PlayStation Move when it launches this fall, Reggie Fils-Aime believes. There’s no motivation for them to do so, he reckons.

“So I’m a consumer and I’m having a great experience with my Wii. And we know that’s the case – we look at the software that’s being purchased. Consumers love the Wii,” the Nintendo of America president told IndustryGamers, failing to pinpoint the reason why consumers would be flocking to new but more expensive hardware that ultimately offers a similar experience.

“What’s going to motivate them to spend minimally $300 for a new [PS3] system, plus minimally $100 for the Move motion bundle? So [as a consumer] now I’m into this for $400 and I still have to spend money on software. What’s going to motivate me to do that?”