Molyneux: Heavy Rain ‘a glimpse of the future’

Lionhead boss and Fable creator Peter Molyneux is quite taken with fellow game designer David Cage’s latest, Heavy Rain.

“I recommend anyone who wants to start to see the first glimpses of the future of video games to go out and buy it,” he says of Quantic Dream’s recently released PlayStation 3 exclusive.

The “so dark and so emotionally involving” settings of the game may be ‘beating him up emotionally’ to a point where he can’t play it for more than 90 minutes, he said at SXSW this week, “But there’s no question in my mind that games like Heavy Rain — games that have a new fidelity in the way that they present their experiences; obviously made with cinematography and motion capture in mind — can really show the way forward to a new form of entertainment, which is evolving the story and choices and consequences.”