Resident Evil creator forms new studio to “raise the game makers of the future”

Resident Evil series creator Shinji Mikami is to leave his position at Platinum Games to head up his own game studio, an interview published in the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu reveals.

After finishing up Vanquish, a shooter scheduled to ship later in the year, the designer intends to move to the new company full time where he hopes to “raise the game makers of the future, people who haven’t gone pro yet.”

“Game development is often overseen from a pure business perspective here, which is unique to Japan, and I have the impression that environment tends to prune away young talent,” he said. “I really want to make Tango a company run from a creator’s perspective, one that expands upon new talent.”

The new Tokyo-based studio already has 13 people on board, Grasshopper’s sound director Masashi Takada and art directors Ryosuke Aiba (Final Fantasy XI) and Naoki Katakai (Okami) among them, 1UP translates.

“We’re going to handle all development within the company, so I think one development team will be the limit,” Mikami said. “I’d like to see it grow to 100 people or so in five to seven years.”

As for the studio’s first project, “We haven’t fully decided. I’d like to make a choice with the rest of the team as we grow our numbers. I’ve been speaking with a number of publishers as well, but we haven’t signed any contracts yet.”