Sega: We can’t mistreat old properties

Sega is looking to cater their classic franchises more effectively to the HD console owner this year, Sega’s Mike Hayes said in a recent interview, noting that while new intellectual property MadWorld was “mismatched” to the Wii, the latest Golden Axe was a downright underwhelming take on a classic franchise.

“It’s important that on our old IP that is respected, we need to deliver a good product,” the Sega West president said. “And in some instances we have done that – look back at when we re-did Sega Rally. It scored well and was moderately successful commercially. But then with other great franchises like Golden Axe we didn’t produce a great game at all.”

“Going forward, if we’re going to look at any existing IP to bring out the locker, we have to make sure we get the quality to a level we now expect,” he continued, saying they have to build “something that is 85 per cent plus [rated].”

“We can’t just get away with PR.”