Brink lets you “make your own rules,” says Splash Damage

Brink is taking a refreshingly non-linear approach to its campaign, according to Splash Damage.

Richard Ham, the game’s creative director, told Gamespot that the forthcoming shooter is all about allowing players freedom. “We don’t tell you how to play the game,” said Ham. “You make your own rules.”

The free-running FPS is set on the ‘Ark,’ a floating city ripped apart by two warring factions, ‘Resistance’ and ‘Security.’ “At the beginning of the game, you decide which side you want to fight for in the Ark’s civil war.”

“What’s interesting is that once you finish that campaign, the story will rewind, and you’ll get to play it from the other side. You’ll still use your same character (so you won’t lose all the progress you’ve made buying abilities and unlocking weapons), but you’ll be going through a completely different storyline, going on completely different missions.”

Ham added, “While you’re going through either of these campaigns, you can jump around in the storyline at any time, however you want, and even jump campaigns if you prefer.

“Maybe you’re stuck on a tough mission and want to skip ahead, or maybe you saw a friend come online and you want to play with him, even though he’s on the other campaign… We don’t tell you how to play the game; you make your own rules.”

Among the noise escaping from GDC 2010 last week, was this juicy pre-rendered Brink trailer. We liked it. And if you missed it first time around, then check out 14 minutes of in-game footage here.

Brink is slated for a Q4 2010 release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.