Bungie trademark ‘Marathon’ and ‘Bungie Aerospace’

Trademarks are boring. Games are fun! This is what happens when those two worlds collide. Bungie have filed a couple of trademarks, that could point to the Halo creators’ next direction. See? Fun and boring, all at the same time.

Spotted by Superannuation – those eternally vigilant finders of cool things in dull places – the trademarks are for “Bungie Aerospace” and “Marathon.” Seeing as Bungie’s community director Brian Jarrad has issued a straight “no comment” in response to their discovery, lets have some fun guessing what they mean, shall we?

First up, “Bungie Aerospace.” Joystiq reckons that it could be a studio re-brand for Bungie, following their split from Microsoft. Others think it relates to proprietary software to be licensed out to other developers. Specifically, a new engine. This sounds more plausible because, let’s be honest, the Halo 3/ODST/Reach engine is starting to show its age, despite the upgrades. The time is right for a replacement.

Meanwhile, “Marathon” represents more of a known quantity. Bungie’s second release way back in 1994, Marathon, was the company’s first hit. Could they be planning another sequel? Seeing as Halo: Reach will be their last Halo title before handing over the reigns to 343 Industries, a return to the franchise wouldn’t be out of the question.

Of course, this is all speculation. It could be that, like many, many trademarks, these two have been filed and will just never be seen again. But the possibilities are worth exploring. Time will tell.